Singapore Property Launches

Gain important insights into the Singapore property / real estate market and gain the know-how here about buying into Singapore new launches.

TheSingaporePropertyBlog will assist you along with several recommended new launches,

Read it all here before you decide to buy condo in Singapore.

buy condo singapore

Latest Condo new launch Singapore – Year 2017

For new launch condos, sellers ( usually the developer ) are also more willing to give discounts for early buyers or if they are serious in selling off their leftover units. One such condo in 2017 is 6 Derbyshire which is located in Novena. Read About It Here..

The 6 Derbyshire at Novena


Why many are keen in invest in Singapore Property Launches

Many investors and home buyers are keen to buy into Singapore, because of its great economic infrastructure and success in Asia. Location is also viewed as ideal as a thriving business hub, free from any natural disasters.

Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world. You can read it here at Channel NewsAsia.

Buying Condo in Singapore

Buying a condominium or property is Singapore requires intensive insight and well-versed knowledge.

Between resale and new launches, buying into Singapore new launch could actually be a better option for buyers especially because new launches are priced usually lower than resale properties as development and construction has yet to be finished, thus prices have also more room to grow.

North Park Residences

north park residence

Here, i am going to discuss about some findings, on several good websites i have found to be really good.

North Park Residence is an integrated condo in the North of Singapore.

You can visit my page to find out more on North Park Residence, where information is clear. Preview of this condo will be pretty soon, in March 2015.

I for sure will be there to check out the buzz ūüôā

Another good website that i came about is actually more of a website that hosts or gives information on many new launches throughout Singapore,

which could be ideal for buyers who just started looking or are trying to filter down which location types they prefer.

You can visit these links on before you decide to Buy condo in Singapore.

CityGate Singapore

citygate beach road

Another interesting project which we found was Citygate Beach Road, found at this previous Keypoint architecture, on Beach Road in central district 07, and offers several residential homes and commercial shoppes for sale to buyers.

It is said that Citygate proudly showcases glamorous scenery and views along the kampong glam location as well as Kallang Riverside area on the city scenery. Several that comprises mainly regarding shopping and food places detailed with a tall skyscraper that delivers scenic in the Singapore metropolis skyline. An original and investment decision worthy new launch project in Beach Road Singapore. Read more about it at my Blog HERE or visit CityGate Singapore.


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