6 Derbyshire Road

6 Derbyshire condo is one of the more talked about condo launches in 2017, as the completion is due around the March time frame of 2017.

It is ideal for those who want to move into their new home soon and not having the time or patience to wait for another 2 to 3 years.

Derbyshire Condo

This condo is developed by Fantasia Group Novena. Launched a number of years ago, it was quite popular because of it’s lower entry price even though it was in the heart of Novena. Novena is a prime district in small Singapore. For those who want to visit the showflat, they can do so by making an appointment at this page the6derbyshire.com.

This is of course partly due to the fact that it some units which were facing the expressway.But these were still selling well as it was still attractive to a completely different set of buyers. These buyers were investors and they believed that the noise issue could be solved, like what was promised at the show rooms.

There would be a high tech and modern curtain called glass curtains which promised to mask out the noise and yet still have good and nice views of the city from inside of the unit. These could be bought from external private companies. This was advised to potential buyers who were concerned about this. This advice was all that was needed for them to make the decision to buy a unit at this 6 Derbyshire Road.

Derbyshire Condo Price

Entry price, which is subject to change by the developer, starts from a million Singapore dollars and above.

A typical 3 bedroom unit would cost easily around two million dollars or so.

But when i saw it, I did notice that even a bathtub could fit into the 3 bedroom unit’s bathroom. So that indicated to me that it was indeed spacious enough.

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